Yearly Archives: 2007

07 Dec 2007

Bus Ride Home

Elly and I had been talking about doing a shoot for a while, and one of the ideas we had bounced around was some shots in a bus in the rain. It’s hard to plan for rain, so we watched the weather and kept each other updated about our schedules. On a November afternoon, it rained. We called each other up and agreed to meet at the bus station in 15 minutes. There was hardly time for introductions. The sky, […]

02 Dec 2007

Gritty Nicole

Nicole Herman, of Spokane, was in Spokane for a few days for a conference and wanted some gritty pictures taken. Spokane, of course, has plenty of gritty locations. We ended up at a grain elevator. We shot a bit outside (which was cold) and some inside (which was even colder, on account of the wind that whipped through the open loading doors). The elevator is very much abandoned, and the interior is quite dark (thus the digital noise) and with […]

12 Nov 2007

Kelly Outdoors

Here is a gallery of a shoot with Kelly, which we did one Sunday afternoon several weeks ago. We drove to three or four different locations, getting warm in our cars between pictures.

07 Nov 2007

Falling Leaves

This little gallery is of an afternoon about a week ago. There is text at the top right of the images. (It may take a few moments for the first page/image to load)

18 Oct 2007

Vacant (Parking) Lots

I wanted to play around with some off-camera lighting, so I needed some place dark. And I thought, if it’s going to be dark, it might as well be desolate and eerie. Chasity Donovan was game for such a shoot, so on a chilly (very chilly) Sunday night we headed out to a parking garage. The one I wanted to use was closed (who knew they closed the Parkade on Sundays?), so we walked over to a different one, and […]

14 Oct 2007

Another Car Post

I know, I know. And I’m not even into cars. I have enjoyed, however, getting Hot Wheels cars for Marcus. It started when we bought little cars to keep him entertained on trips in the car. And slowly his collection has grown. I suspect I might even be enjoying our growing collection more than he. Anyway, this past summer, when he was in Spain with Bonnie, I was able to set up an elaborate race track to test which of […]

08 Oct 2007

A Shoot in a Tunnel

We went to a tunnel on a rails-to-trails bike path outside of Cheney. There, we spent a couple hours, mole-like, underground (or at least under the road) trying out poses and lighting. Shoots have different moods: some are more technical, some more formal, some more casual. This one made the pulse race. It was alive and dynamic, with lots of creative energy. I think we both had the sense that we were capturing some good stuff. Of course, in the […]