Chief – Blazers

I have always heard–and repeated myself–that the hardest thing in all of sports is hitting a curve ball in baseball.  Having watched hockey from between the benches, I’m not so sure.  Hockey players have to handle a small, round puck with sticks, watching at all times where their teammates are while also avoiding opponents who would love to knock them down (and often delivering and absorbing physical blows), make quick starts and stops, and race at sprinters speed, all while on two thin blades of metal on slick ice.

I tried to get some photos of the physical play.  It’s not always easy, because often the big hits come after the puck has been passed, so if I’m following the puck, I miss the hits.

I’ve shot almost a dozen games now, and it’s no longer terrifying, but it’s chaotic, always, and I’m more amazed than ever by the skill of these kids.

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