Chiefs – Americans

Tyson Verhelst is the Chiefs’ starting goalie.  I have found him to be very quiet, a bit shy, completely unassuming (and most of these players are unassuming–it’s important to remember that they range from 16-20 years old). He’s very focused, and, like most goalies, has interesting obsessive rituals before and during games (the way he bends over before he comes out on the ice, or a series of visualization moves at the red line during warm-ups, for instance).  But what I like the most about him is his intensity in net.

All goalies, I suppose, have an amazing focus while playing, but what makes Verhelst so easy to photograph is his eyes: they are very light blue, which means that it’s easy to see exactly where he is looking even from far away, even under his mask.  And like most goalies, he has an incredible ability to locate the puck, in spite of all the chaos that goes on around him.

During this game, Verhelst made 30 saves on 31 shots, as the Chiefs won 6-1 in a critical game against Tri-Cities.  There are plenty of non-Verhelst photos here, but in the shots of him, watch his eyes.

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