Chiefs – Rockets

The last game of the season was a little anticlimactic. The Chiefs had won a huge game against Tri-Cities the night before, and they were probably a little emotionally spent. One of the highlights was at the at the very beginning, as the Chiefs came out for warm-ups. The Chiefs had signed a new player just the day before, Trent Huitema. As the Chiefs were announced from the tunnel, Huitema came charging out, but his teammates punked him and made him race a “hot lap” around the ice alone, while they busted up in the tunnel.

There were also pre-game awards, a by Kailer Yamamoto goal, and a fiesty knockdown fight by Helgesen. Otherwise, it was pretty one-sided. Still, it was fun to shoot from between the benches, and sad to see the regular home season come to an end.

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