Horrible Hockey Photos

The other night, I was asked by the Chiefs to be their primary photographer for the evening, shooting between the benches.  It was the first time I shot from there, and it was invigorating (read: terrifying).  Players shout at teammates and opponents, coaches shout at players and referees, pucks go hammering into the plexiglass, players fly by so fast my hair would blow, the skates make loud swooshing sounds, the bench door clangs shut all the time, players are shuffled in and out right in front of me, and massive collisions take place, sometimes spilling into the camera well.

It is sustained sound and movement and stimuli and chaos, and no small amount of life-endangerment.

Given all that, I think my work that night was pretty solid.

Click on the photos for captures (and to see the mesmerizing full-screen image).