Marcus & Graffiti

Quite by accident, on our way back to the car after a baseball game in Seattle, Marcus and I stumbled upon a graffiti building.  A guy was there painting.  He said the owners were cool, and let anyone graffiti on the back of the building, as long as they didn’t litter or break any laws.*

It was pretty spectacular.  It was also a great location for a photoshoot.  Having only Marcus with me, he became my model.

He was at that tough age to photograph, where his smiles on demand aren’t quite natural.  So I had him look serious most of the time.  Looking back, I sort of regret it.  It makes him look older, and he grows up so fast anyway.

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*Incidentally, the building has new owners, or the owners have changed their minds, because last time I was there, the building was painted a solid color and there were no trespassing signs everywhere.