Britanne and a Car

This is Britanne.  Come back when you are done falling into her eyes.

Done?  Cool.

So Britanne and I had talked about a shoot for a long, long time.  In fact, we had one scheduled, but we both ended up getting sick.  I think we emailed for about a year before we finally got around to shooting.  But the wait was totally worth it.  The concept of the shoot changed, too.  Originally we were thinking downtown condos and empty parking lots (an idea we still might go back to), but by the time we finally shot, I was wanting to play around with lights and a car.  So here are the photographs of Britanne and a car.

(Funny thing about this shoot, is afterwards, I posted something on facebook about it, and one of my friends, whose wedding I shot several years ago, said, she had unknowingly seen me shooting up on the bridge that night as she drive beneath us).

4 thoughts on “Britanne and a Car”

  1. I really like the lighting and composition of the last one – the way the car itself frames the subject. And the shot of the car with the clothes in the back told a “big city, big dreams” kind of a story. I love the context of your work!

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