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Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Spectacular Sunset, Monuments at Night and the Metro


So our visit to Washington, DC included The Great Eastern Earthquake of 2011, and we left town right as the city braced itself for Hurricane Irene.  It was all just  a little calamitous.  Fortunately, Irene didn’t hit DC too hard, and it did create for a really magical few moments.  On our last day, right after we had boarded a tour bus for a visit to the monuments at night, storm clouds started to blow in.  They were high, wispy, relatively thin clouds, and they came along right at dusk.  As the bus rolled out from Union Station, the sky began to turn pink.  Not moderately pink, but spectacular pink and gray. Unfortunately, I was stuck on the bus, so I couldn’t get any shot I wanted.  Fortunately, the bus drove slowed down by the Capitol and I could squeeze off a few shots.  By the time we turned the corner and went down to the Jefferson Memorial, it was mostly over.  But it was really something to see.

The monuments at night were cool, too (Marcus decided that while Lincoln is his favorite president, the Jefferson Memorial is his favorite monument).  And then we hopped the metro for the second-to-last-time and headed to the hotel.  One word about the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit system:  phenomenal.  And I really loved the combination of curved and straight lines created by the tubular metro stations.  When we rode them the next morning to the airport to go from one Washington to the other, it was sad to say goodbye to DC.

The photographs from the final day in Washington, DC are here, and, as before, itty-bitty captions are at the bottom left.

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  1. Hi Larry – if you are ever in DC again – I’d love to get together! Hubby and I are moving that way in a month! Great photos! Love them!


    Comment by Jenna — July 24, 2012 @ 3:20 pm

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